Need a Hot Water Plumber?

Jetts plumbing is your local hot water expert. We specialise in all residential hot water repairs and replacements.

If you’ve woken up to no hot water, or your hot water system is leaking, we are here to help.

We work with the following hot water systems  (links to separate pages) 

  • Electric Hot Water

  • Gas Hot Water

  • Heat Pumps

  • Solar Hot Water

  • Continuous Flow Hot Water


Common Questions

When should I call a hot water plumber?

You should call a plumber in the following situations.

  • You notice a change in hot water pressure or hot water temperature.

  • There is no hot water coming from your taps.

  • Hot water appears dirty or orange in colour.

  • Your Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve continuously leaks.

  • Water is leaking at the base of the hot water system.

  • The gas pilot light on your hot water system isn’t on / wont light.

  • You’ve got any questions relating to your hot water system.


How do I know the Brand & Size of my Hot Water System?

If you need a hot water repair or installation, it helps us to know the current type, size and brand of your current hot water system.

Most hot water units have a compliance plate or sticker on the side of the hot water unit that provides this information.

For Gas storage hot water units, this information can often be located on the back of the service panel.

We’ve provided some examples below.—Pictures.

If your not sure don’t worry!

Give us a call and we will take care of everything.


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