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Jetts plumbing is your local hot water expert. We specialise in all residential hot water repairs and replacements.

If you’ve woken up to no hot water, or your hot water system is leaking, we are here to help. 

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When should I call a hot water plumber?

You should call a plumber in the following situations.

  • You notice a change in hot water pressure or hot water temperature.

  • There is no hot water coming from your taps.

  • Hot water appears dirty or orange in colour.

  • Your Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve continuously leaks.

  • Water is leaking at the base of the hot water system.

  • The gas pilot light on your hot water system isn’t on / wont light.

  • You’ve got any questions relating to your hot water system.


How do I know the Brand & Size of my Hot Water System?

If you need a hot water repair or installation, it helps us to know the current type, size and brand of your current hot water system.

Most hot water units have a compliance plate or sticker on the side of the hot water unit that provides this information.

For Gas storage hot water units, this information can often be located on the back of the service panel.

If your not sure don’t worry!

Give us a call and we will take care of everything.

Can you dispose of my old hot water system?

The answer is Yes. When we install a new hot water unit we take the old one away with us and recycle it.

What is Off Peak Electric Hot Water?

Off Peak electric hot water is similar to a standard electric hot water system.


The difference is the water is only heated during specific “Off Peak” times which are controlled by your energy provider.


The electricity consumed during these off peak periods are charged at a lower rate, which saves you money on your electricity bills.


Because the hot water system only heats water during specific times, larger hot water cylinders are more suited to this type of setup.


My Tank is leaking… What should I do?

If you noticed water leaking at the base of your hot water unit, or your relief valve continuously leaks water, it is time to call a hot water plumber.

If your tank is leaking excessively you can isolate the water supply to the hot water cylinder.

If you are not sure, give us a call and we can advise you.  

What is a Tempering Valve?

A tempering valve mixes hot and cold water to deliver a constant and safe temperature to shower, bath and basin fixtures.

The plumbing code of Australia requires hot water for personal hygiene fixtures to not exceed 50 degrees at the outlet.

In the case of hot water storage units, this also allows the water stored in the cylinder to remain above the minimum requirement of 60 degrees to prevent bacterial growth in the cylinder.

Tempering valves have an average lifespan of 5 years, and when they start to fail can cause the following-

-Low hot water pressure

-Low hot water temperature

-Complete loss of hot water


We install new tempering valves with every new hot water unit installation as required, and can quickly install replacements on existing installations.

Most manufacturers of continuous flow hot water units now have tempered models available, that are preset at 50 degrees.


In these installations a tempering valve is not required.

Kitchens and laundries are also exempt from this requirement.

If you have any questions about hot water tempering valves give us a call.

Temperate & Pressure Relief Valves (TPR Valve)

TPR Valves are a safety device designed to release water from a hot water cylinder in the event that safe levels of pressure or temperature are exceeded.


In simpler terms, this valve is there to ensure safety in the event of a hot water system malfunction.

TPR Valves should be replaced on average, every 5 years.

You should exercise the TPR Valve on your hot water unit every 6 Months.


Do this by lifting the lever on the valve and making sure water discharges from the tank.


Be aware, the water being discharged will be extremely hot.

If water does not discharge from the tank during this test then you need to contact a licensed plumber immediately.

It is normal for the TPR Valve to discharge some water during heating cycles.


If the TPR valve leaks continuously and doesn’t stop its indicating a problem with the valve or within the hot water unit and you should call a licensed hot water plumber.

Duo Valves & Pressure Limiting Valves

A Duo Valve is located on the cold water supply to hot water units. It provides two purposes:

  1. Isolates the water supply to the hot water unit.

  2. Prevents hot water returning to the cold water supply. (Non return valve)

What is a Pressure Limiting Valve?

A Pressure Limiting Valve is often installed on the cold water supply pipe to the hot water unit.  It reduces and maintains a specific pressure supplying the hot water cylinder.


When considering a hot water unit replacement or upgrade, its important to ensure the Duo Valve & Pressure Limiting Valve are replaced at the same time.

These valves have a limited lifespan and if not replaced with a new installation, will often fail causing future problems.

It is also more cheaper and easier to replace them at the time of a new installation.

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