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Flexi Hoses- What you need to know.

What are Flexi Hoses?

Flexi hoses are often used to connect both gas, and hot / cold water to tapware and fixtures in the home.

They are constructed using stainless steel braided layers with a rubber hose inside.

Flexi hoses are one of the most common causes of household flooding. They are prone to bursting and should be checked regularly to avoid a future problem.

Reasons for Flexi Hoses Bursting

-Incorrect Installation

-Exceeded the recommended lifespan of 5yrs

-Limited or no maintenance.

Signs to watch out for- picture of burst flexis or water damage

-Brown/rusty sections on the braid

-Frayed or damaged braid.

-Slight bulges on the hose.

If you notice any of these signs you should replace the flexi hose and any others that are the same age or over 5 years old.


Effective maintenance is the key to preventing a burst flexi hose. If unsure of the age, replace it.

Inspect all types of hoses to get ahead of future problems, they are most commonly found under kitchen sinks, basins, toilets and sometimes dishwashers and washing machines.

Know where your water meter is located, so you can isolate the water supply immediately if needed.

When your away on holiday, turn off the water supply to the house to avoid a potential problem happening when no one is home.

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