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Leaking toilet?

Not Flushing Properly?

Having a working toilet is something we all take for granted.

So we understand when they stop working properly, you need a fast and reliable solution.

We install and repair all types of toilets and can get the problem sorted immediately.

Whatever the issue, the team at JETTS Plumbing have you covered.

Back to wall toilet
Back to wall toilet

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toilet installation
toilet installation

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close coupled toilet

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Back to wall toilet
Back to wall toilet

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We have experienced plumbers ready to help you with

  • New Toilet Installations & Advice

  • Toilet Repairs

  • Leaking Toilets

  • Cistern Upgrades

  • Blocked Toilets


Leaking toilets

Leaking toilets are a common problem for many homeowners.


Not only does it waste water, but results in additional costs to your water bill.

There is a few reasons why your toilet could be leaking, and quite often we find there is more then one issue that needs some attention. 

If you want your toilet fixed right the first time, use a professional.

The team at JETTS has the knowledge and experience to offer you honest advice and options for all toilet problems. 

toilet repair

Blocked toilets

Do you have a blocked toilet?

Blocked toilets are a common problem, and certainly something no one wants to deal with.

A toilet is often blocked from an obstruction inside the toilet. Eg  overuse of toilet paper or baby wipes.

It can also be caused by a sewer blockage within the house sewer drain, often caused by tree roots, grease in the drain or damaged pipes.

Determining where a sewer is blocked can be difficult without the right equipment and experience.

If you have plunged your toilet and had no success, or just want this problem sorted right away, give JETTS Plumbing a call and we will take care of the rest!

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